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Below are some in depth guides we've created on various online privacy topics. We're always adding new guides, so make sure to check back soon!

Google Ads Reinstates Account Suspended for Using Apple Card

Last week I was banned by Google Ads for using an Apple Card. Following a Hacker News submission and various outlets writing it up, my account has been reinstated and unsuspended. After tens of thousands of visits last week for my article detailing my account suspension, I wondered if anyone at Google had read the article. […]

I got banned from Google Ads for using Apple Card

Companies like Google have waged war on virtual cards and left Apple Card users without service. Last week I received my Apple Card and decided to use it on my Google Ads account for another project. Getting a little bit of daily cash back for my meager ad spend was attractive. Within a couple of […]

NYT Spreads Privacy Hysteria

A brief look at recent developments in the war on third party trackers and federated services. Last week, NYT reporter Farhad Manjoo wrote an op-ed about his experience having all of his digital activity tracked. Manjoo, working with The Times’s Privacy Project team, installed a version of Firefox that was created by researchers at the Princeton Web Transparency & […]

What is Do Not Track?

Do Not Track (DNT) was a proposed standard and mechanism that sought to enable users to opt-out of third-party tracking of their digital activity. The proposal received numerous endorsements, including most major browsers, the US Federal Trade Commission, and the EFF, amongst other consumer advocacy groups. The basic idea was to allow users to configure […]

Why You Need a Password Manager

A password manager is probably our single most recommend privacy tool. Learn what they are, why to use them, and how to get started today. Most of us don’t get very excited when we think about passwords. In fact, we can probably recall dozens of times when they’ve failed us. The current state of password […]

Why Use a VPN?

Everyone is entitled to privacy, but not everyone knows how to protect and maintain it. It’s not always that we turn a blind eye to our bests interests, it’s just that many of us don’t know the extent to which our private information is desired and subsequently compromised. For example, most of us would prefer […]

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network allows you to browse the internet without exposing your personal internet connection. It’s kind of like having a friend go to the grocery store for you. You’ll still make the requests, and get the items you want but you won’t be the one everyone sees shopping. There are literally hundreds of reasons why […]