Google Ads Reinstates Account Suspended for Using Apple Card

Last week I was banned by Google Ads for using an Apple Card. Following a Hacker News submission and various outlets writing it up, my account has been reinstated and unsuspended.

After tens of thousands of visits last week for my article detailing my account suspension, I wondered if anyone at Google had read the article.

Checking my website stats, low and behold:

Over 160 unique visitors from the Google organization. I find it most interesting that 37 of them came directly to the site, so I figured it must be being shared internally.

Then, I wondered, did Apple take a look too?

Turns out, 77 direct visitors from Apple. It’s going to be difficult to determine exactly what’s going on though, because I’m sure Apple and Google employees frequent Hacker News and the various tech outlets the wrote up the story, but I think the direct traffic means something.

Now curious, today I went to log into my Google Ads account to see if there had been any update. Turns out, I had this friendly little notification:

So, there you have it. I know a lot of people doubted that I was banned for having an Apple Card, but who knows. Seems like something happened. The craziest thing to me is that I wrote up the post on this site — not the site that was running ads in the first place. So, either Google is way better at sniffing out who runs what, or they’ve taken another look at the (probably extremely limited amount of) Apple Card users on Google Ads.