BrandYourself Review

BrandYourself is a suite of services that helps improve your Google results, protect your privacy, clean up your social media, and support the building of your brand.

The Verdict

BrandYourself does an excellent job of branding itself, but one clear drawback is how challenging it is to narrow down what package you need and how much you’ll pay. The ability to create a free account is helpful, but only time will tell whether you need a paid plan, too.

Author: @smartprivacyio | Updated: Thursday, Jun 18, 2020

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What is BrandYourself?

BrandYourself provides both automated software and managed services to help protect your data and online reputation. Their scanning tools evaluate your social media, search results, and other data for risk factors. Then, they offer the tools and services you need to clean everything up.

What’s unique about BrandYourself is that they provide plenty of free self-help tools, as well as paid subscriptions. You can use their tutorials and guides to address online reputation concerns without paying a single cent. Of course, they’re hoping that you sign up for premium services, too.

How Does BrandYourself Work?

What’s unique about BrandYourself is that many of their tools are free. And with a free account, you can access certain services, but not others. It’s unclear which tools are fee-based and which are free, however, and it takes a lot of work to uncover their pricing structure.

For individuals, a range of software solutions and customized services help promote your online presence. With business services, you can also tend to your organization and employees’ reputations and reviews.

Individual BrandYourself Services

BrandYourself’s options include reputation management software, social media cleanup tools, privacy protection steps, and data broker information removal. Here’s more on how each tool works and what results you can expect, per BrandYourself.

Reputation Management Software

Reputation Management begins with BrandYourself’s Reputation Report, which is free. The score will tell you how positive and professional your web presence is. Then, it identifies and helps you remove risk factors.

An Earnability Calculator highlights what opportunities you might be missing due to a bad online reputation. It also assigns a dollar amount which reflects the estimated impact on your earning potential.

Negative Google Result Services

CleanSearch technology scans Google and evaluates results that might be negatively affecting your reputation.

Social Media Clean Up Software

Since many employers (and potential colleagues) can easily search online for details about you, BrandYourself’s SocialScan tool is helpful. It sifts through your posts to identify any red flags that could be detrimental to your employment.

Similarly, CleanImage looks for inappropriate photos that could harm your chances of getting hired—or kept on—with a company or client.

Protect Your Privacy Online

BrandYourself’s PrivacyProtector tech finds and deletes sensitive information from 25+ people-finder companies and sites. Like other services, the data broker tool locates and addresses personal information breaches.

Dark Web Scan

With all the concerns about data breaches today, scanning the Dark Web for your information can help highlight vulnerabilities. BrandYourself looks for your passwords and other sensitive personal information in the Dark Web, then provides steps toward locking down and monitoring your data.

Personal Branding Services

A Reputation Engine tool helps build your online presence, personal branding, and digital influence. With BrandYourself, you work with the Concierge Department to identify career promotion opportunities, mitigate the impact of damaging reviews, and build an audience for your personal brand.

Throughout your partnership with BrandYourself, the company will provide update reports. The idea is that they’ll prove to you how valuable their services are by documenting your personal brand progress.

BrandYourself Services for Businesses

For businesses, BrandYourself offers a suite of services that address branding and public perception issues.

Online Reputation Management for Businesses

Business-centric reputation management services focus on removing as many negative Google results as possible, building up your online presence with positive content, and monitoring your online presence.

Via negative suppression, the company pushes those bad search results farther down the results page. Since most people don’t look beyond the first page of search results, this is an effective strategy for enhancing your reputation online.

Review Management for Businesses

For businesses dealing with negative online reviews, BrandYourself has a solution. The process involves increasing the visibility of positive feedback, identifying and “nurturing” opportunities for obtaining positive, natural reviews, and monitoring all review sites for problems.

Glassdoor Review Management

Negative reviews from unhappy past or present employees can harm businesses’ reputations. BrandYourself addresses bad reviews on Glassdoor by optimizing your Glassdoor company page, developing a strategy for gaining positive reviews, and continuously refining the plan and monitoring future reports.

Employee Branding Services

Enhancing your employees’ online presence is another way to promote your business, BrandYourself says. They audit your company, highlight areas for improvement, clean up negative Google results, build branding for key employees, and create content that promotes your personnel.

Companies can also provide software to all employees for further individual brand management that also benefits the company.

BrandYourself Plans and Pricing

BrandYourself plans provide both individual and business services and tools. Much of their content is free or—as they call it—“DIY.” What this means is that you can sign up to use many of BrandYourself’s tools for free.

The software walks you through the process of tightening your personal security and reputation results. Opening an account is free, and then you have the option to sign up for a Premium account. BrandYourself pricing for premium is $99 per year.

Free Services

With the free plan, you can:

  • Scan for online risk factors
  • Scan for positive factors
  • Calculate a Reputation Score
  • Generate a Reputation Report
  • Receive limited access to the Social Scanner, Reputation Builder, and other Premium features

Paid Premium Services

Premium plans allow you to:

  • Unlock a personal Action Plan
  • Review flagged posts and images and delete or accept them
  • Receive ongoing reports on reputation monitoring
  • Scan for risky posts, images, or Google results manually (in addition to automatic scans by BrandYourself software)
  • Access all the guides from BrandYourself University
  • Track Google visits and profile views
  • Receive priority customer support

Customizable Packages

In addition to free and Premium plans, BrandYourself also offers highly customizable service packages:

  • Personal Branding Services for individuals
  • Negative Google Result Services for individuals
  • Negative Google Result for businesses
  • Review Management for businesses
  • Glassdoor Review Management for businesses
  • Employee Branding for businesses


Public perception of BrandYourself is mostly positive, with press sites like Fox, CBS, and Forbes calling the service user-friendly and sophisticated. The company even received an offer from ABC’s Shark Tank, plus received recognition from The White House that honored the startup’s progress. BrandYourself reviews are mostly positive.


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