DeleteMe Review

DeleteMe’s team of privacy experts track down and remove your personal data from the internet’s top data brokers and people search sites. The company offers a range of personal and business plans to suit everyone’s privacy needs.

The Verdict

DeleteMe gives its customers a high-quality, human-centric privacy protection service. With information removal from the main data broker sites, best in class customer service, and transparent reporting, DeleteMe is an excellent value privacy protection service. If glowing customer reviews are anything to go by, DeleteMe’s long-standing reputation as a trustworthy privacy provider is well-founded.

Author: @smartprivacyio | Updated: Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020

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What Is DeleteMe?

Founded in 2011, DeleteMe is a hands-free subscription service that finds and removes your personal information from leading people search and data broker sites. By removing your data from third-party sites, DeleteMe can greatly reduce how often you appear in search results.

How Does DeleteMe Work?

Unlike most data removal services, DeleteMe doesn’t depend on automated tools. Instead, DeleteMe offers human-centered privacy protection that relies on trained privacy staff to remove your information manually. Through this process, DeleteMe offers a customized high-end data removal service for both individuals and businesses. 

Submit Your Personal Information

After you subscribe to DeleteMe’s service, the next step is to tell the company what personal information you want to keep off the internet, like your full name and current and past addresses. You can add as many names (including alternate spellings), addresses, and phone numbers as you want. DeleteMe will also find all your alternate email addresses automatically, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to remember that Hotmail address you used in the 90s.

Once DeleteMe gets to know you and your privacy needs better (as per their comprehensive privacy policy, DeleteMe doesn’t track, store, or sell your data to third parties), the company’s removal experts will get to work finding out where your information is held online. 

Receive a Report Within 7 Days

With DeleteMe, there’s no waiting around. Seven days after you sign up to DeleteMe’s service, the company’s team of experts will send you a thorough report. This report details where your information appears online and what DeleteMe experts are doing to remove it. 

Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of filling out an online opt-out form. Other times, DeleteMe experts have to make phone calls or even mail physical letters requesting that your private information be taken down. 

Automatic Removal and Constant Vigilance

A few weeks after your first update, DeleteMe will send you another report. This time, the report will let you know how the process of taking your personal data back from data brokers is going. 

The report will list the following information:

  • Website. The name of the site where your private information appears.
  • Records. The personal data the site has on you, like your name, age, address, past addresses, email, phone number, and family members. 
  • Waiting. The time it’ll take to get your data removed. In some cases, data removal is instant. In other cases, it can take up to six weeks for an opt-out request to be processed. 
  • Status. Whether or not DeleteMe has sent out an opt-out request. 

As long as your subscription with DeleteMe stays active, the company will continue to remove your information from people search sites and data broker websites. This is important as data brokers often relist people’s data, even if you’ve asked them to remove it in the past. 

Every three months, you will get a report from DeleteMe to keep you up to date on the progress they’ve made on your behalf. If you ever find your private data relisted on a data broker site in between reports, let DeleteMe know immediately, and they’ll do everything they can to get that information removed as quickly as humanly possible. 

Comprehensive Customer Support

Have a question for DeleteMe? DeleteMe offers email, chat, and phone support. You can call DeleteMe anytime between 9 am and 8 pm Eastern time and talk to a real person about any issues you might have. Email support is available 24/7 and live chat support is available during office hours. 

What Sites Does DeleteMe Cover?

As part of their standard subscription package for individuals, DeleteMe will remove your information (like name, age, phone number, address, email, and photos of your home) from over 30 of the most popular people search and data broker sites. These include:


For a full list of sites that DeleteMe can remove your personal information from, click here.

If your information appears on a site that DeleteMe doesn’t yet cover, you can let them know, and they’ll see whether they can add the site to their list of data brokers. Even if they can’t add the site to their list, DeleteMe’s experts will walk you through the process on how to remove the information by yourself. 

How Long Does It Take For Personal Data to Disappear from People-Search Sites?

Your personal information will be removed from people search and data broker sites about six weeks after DeleteMe sends opt-out requests. This time frame might be shorter or longer depending on the sites DeleteMe has to remove your data from. 

According to their FAQ, the more information you provide DeleteMe in the first place, the faster they can remove your data from the internet. 

DeleteMe Plans and Pricing

DeleteMe offers four different plans, with options for individuals, couples (two people), families (four people), and businesses. Their plans are billed annually and come with a substantial discount when purchased for more than one year.

DeleteMe for One Person

DeleteMe’s one person plan starts at $10.75 per month, which works out at $129 per year. If you subscribe to this plan for two years, it’ll only cost you $8.71 per month (or $209 for two years), which is 19% cheaper than a single year plan. 

This plan comes with DeleteMe’s comprehensive privacy service, which removes your data from all major data brokers and gives you access to their superb 24/7 customer service.

DeleteMe for Two People

DeleteMe’s two-person plan starts at $19.08 per month or $229 per year. This plan gives you the full suite of DeleteMe’s privacy service for two people for one year. 

Buying the two-person plan is equivalent to getting an 11% discount on the cost of a single subscription. If you choose to buy this plan for two years, you can save a further 17% on the one year price. 

DeleteMe for Families

DeleteMe’s family plan gives privacy protection for up to four people. It costs $27.42 per month or $329 per year. Buying this plan gives you a 36% discount on what four individual plans would cost. Although it’s called a family plan, the four people on the plan don’t have to be related. 

DeleteMe for Businesses

DeleteMe offers two different models of protection for business employees and executives. The cost of these services, which are designed to maintain professional privacy and integrity, varies depending on business needs and the number of employees who need protection.


  • 30+ Sites Covered
  • Founded in 2011
  • Unlimited Name Variations