OneRep Review

OneRep delivers customized online privacy protection and ongoing monitoring and support for your digital presence. They use a combination of automated tools and live staff to address a range of privacy concerns.

The Verdict

OneRep offers a combination of automated services plus individual attention, depending on your subscription type and unique privacy needs. Their family plan is a unique addition to the privacy monitoring industry, and OneRep reviews are positive overall. Their proactive approach to protecting your data might be worth the investment.

Author: @smartprivacyio | Updated: Thursday, Jun 18, 2020

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What is OneRep?

OneRep protects your personal records through web monitoring and data removal from people-search websites. With both an automated platform and a team of customer service and other professionals, OneRep has people on hand to help you—and systems that run 24/7.

How Does OneRep Work?

OneRep uses an automated removal tool to keep your information off people-search sites. However, a higher-level subscription option provides one-on-one assistance with removing your data from unsupported sites.

OneRep Scans People-Search Websites

With 81 sites in its monitoring system, OneRep continuously removes records from big-name companies and databases. Sites like,,, and are all on the list.

One subscription option also covers sites that are not on the list. For a higher monthly price, you can remove your data from more databases and receive support from a OneRep team member.

Customer Dashboard Displays Results

Because OneRep uses an automated tool for searching websites, the results display immediately on your dashboard. You can track which sites your information is on and see what the status of your opt-out form is.

If there are sites that OneRep does not work with on that list, they may provide details on how to resolve the privacy issue yourself.

Opt-Outs Go Out Automatically

Automation ensures that any online opt-out forms fill in immediately, so that companies receive the notice and act promptly. In some cases, the support team also makes phone calls, sends faxes, and even dispatches snail mail to get opt-out forms to the right recipients.

For the subscription that addresses complex cases, you receive additional support, even if a site requires additional proof to remove your information.

Removal Process Control

OneRep also resends failed requests, or contacts webmasters directly to get around buggy systems and forms. In short, they don’t simply give up on a request because no one responds.

Monitoring is Constant

Because many databases piggyback one another, even though OneRep removes your information from a site, it can come back. Continuous monitoring ensures that if records do reappear, they disappear just as fast.

What Data Does OneRep Cover?

OneRep lists identifying, financial, demographic, purchase behavior, health, and other data under the information they can help manage and protect.

Your identifying information—such as your name, address, social security number, driver’s license number, phone number, and birth date—is one of the top security concerns. Financial data, such as credit card information and credit scores, can also pop up in online searches.

Demographic data, such as your occupational information or country of origin, is also available to bidders online. Purchasing behavior, health information, and public record data are also susceptible to privacy breaches.

In its FAQ section, OneRep explains that while they guarantee information removal from the specified 90+ sites, they will also address other sites that you come across. Therefore, you can contact them with any links containing your information, and they’ll address each case individually.

How Long Does It Take Information to Disappear from People-Search Sites?

According to OneRep, it can take anywhere from two to eight weeks to complete the removal process. The timeline depends on the sites which possess your information, and there’s only so much OneRep can do to speed up the process.

They also note on their FAQs page that opt-out periods range from 24 hours to 30 days, depending on the terms of use of each specific site. Plus, it may take up to two months for OneRep to complete your request for information removal. The timeline varies widely but may involve waiting on third parties like data brokers to act.

OneRep Plans and Pricing

OneRep plans offer three levels at different price points to address specific consumer needs. Their options include an individual plan, individual plus, and family service.

When you choose a month-to-month subscription, billing is automatic unless you provide “written notice of non-renewal during the prior calendar month.” The same applies to yearly subscriptions—you must provide written notice that you do not wish to renew 30 days before the expiration of the current subscription.

Individual Plans for a Single User

OneRep pricing for Individual plans for one user starts at $14.95 per month or $9.95 per month when you pay for a yearlong subscription. Per OneRep, you can cancel anytime.

The individual option includes search results, links to exposed sites, auto-monitoring for new sites, auto opt-out of 90+ sites, monthly email reports, 24/7 email support, and a Personal Privacy assistant.

Family Plans for Up to Six People

A family plan covers up to six family members and starts at $27.95 per month or $15 per month when you pay for a year subscription. Benefits for the family plan are the same as the individual plan, except that your entire family receives coverage and opt-out service.

Individual+ for Complex Cases

Individual+ plans address complex cases that OneRep can’t resolve with their automated opt-out forms. This coverage starts at $229.95 per month and includes everything that the individual and family plans provide.

Free Trial

You can get a free report with OneRep without signing up for an account. The trial period lasts for five days, but you must submit payment details when you enroll for the free period. If you decide to cancel—skipping a paid plan—you must terminate your service by the end of the Free Trial Period.

Discount Options

While OneRep doesn’t offer coupons or need-based discounts like similar services, they do run specials throughout different seasons. For example, a Black Friday sale might provide up to 70 percent off when you sign up for a long-term plan.


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  • Founded in 2015
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