Reputation Defender Review

ReputationDefender is an online reputation management utility that promotes your digital privacy, improves your search result standings, and enhances your company or organizational reputation online.

The Verdict

Author: @smartprivacyio | Updated: Thursday, Jun 18, 2020

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How ReputationDefender Works

With their proprietary combination of tactics, ReputationDefender helps clean up your online reputation and protect the information you want to keep private.

Controls Search Results

Whether it’s your business or personal reputation at stake, ReputationDefender can impact the ranking of search results tied to your name. Since most internet users don’t look past the first page of search results, the primary goal is to push negative entries past the first page.

Therefore, while ReputationDefender isn’t eliminating such results, they’re preventing people from seeing them via suppression. At the same time, they enhance the positive sources that reflect well on your brand or personality.

Promoting positive search results means higher odds that you or your business appear favorably to prospective clients and even colleagues.


ReputationDefender notes that 78 percent of adults say it’s vital to research people and businesses before interacting with them. If you are applying for a job, for example, search results for your name could influence the hiring manager’s decision.

While there’s no way of knowing who is searching for your name, it makes sense to move negative or misleading search results farther down the page.


According to ReputationDefender, their process involves analyzing your needs and the situation, then creating a plan of action. They develop high-quality content featuring you or your business name, then link that content to existing social media profiles or other relevant webpages.

As your content rises in search results—due to Google and other search engine algorithms—those search engines will prioritize the more popular results. In short, Google and Bing will recognize that the results ReputationDefender has manufactured are more “reliable” than the more negative pages—and thus will reorder them with preferable ranking.

Enhances Digital Privacy

Because so much information circulates online, it’s understandable that information winds up where you don’t want it. ReputationDefender can assist you and your family by covering up sensitive data in digital spaces.

ReputationDefender removes personal information automatically from people-search sites, performs regular scans to ensure the data doesn’t crop back up, and reports on potential threats to your privacy. With ongoing monitoring, you receive notification of any vulnerabilities before they become a problem.


With personal information protection, you have better odds of surviving identity theft attacks. Because identity theft is a significant issue today—creating billions of dollars in fraudulent tax activity every year—privacy is a top concern for many people, corporate or otherwise.

How Digital Privacy Works

ReputationDefender moves site-to-site to remove you and your family (or business) from people-search sites. These sites use databases and government data to create comprehensive profiles, but tracking them all down can be a challenge.

ReputationDefender’s professionals perform deep web scans, remove personal data, and continue to track and report on your privacy. A privacy concierge answers your questions and follows up throughout your service term, too.

Improves Online Reviews

For businesses, ReputationDefender offers the promise of more five-star reviews. Their process involves review monitoring, enhanced search result visibility, and a system that encourages past customers to make a review.

Though you can’t purchase reviews outright, ReputationDefender’s tools offer a means to prod customers toward leaving reviews. You can send “please review us” notes through email or text message, and that alone can help promote your business’ social media status.

At the same time, a dashboard streamlines all your reviews from the sites that impact your business the most. With a simple interface and helpful steps toward audience engagement, these are the tools you can feel good—and ethical—about using to promote your business.

Protects Corporations and Executives

ReputationDefender offers unique packages of services for corporations and high-level executives that build on the services for individuals and businesses, with the same results.

Corporate cybersecurity encompasses protection like spearphishing defense, removal of sensitive information, protected geographical details, and regular reporting on potential privacy threats.

For brands, public figures, and executives, ReputationDefender offers a separate team to handle complicated accounts. Their Special Projects team customizes their strategies for each client, personalizing the experience and the response to potential reputation and security threats.

A combination of technologies, such as automated scanning, along with human-based interventions like deep-dive privacy protection, deliver high-level security to people who need it most. The specialized team also offers custom content for your existing brand, custom removal requests and social media scanning for privacy protection, and action to influence search results.

Pricing/Billing Model

Options for ReputationDefender include plans for everyone from individuals to small businesses to executives and large companies. Different plans cover each area of service, but VIP service pricing is not available on the website.

Search Results Plans

ReputationDefender offers six search results pricing plans costing between $3,000 and $25,000 per year. Each package includes a set number of personalized websites, unique direct websites, and professional content.

For example, Defender 3000 costs $3,000/year and includes 28 personalized websites, one unique direct website, and 13 professional content items. At the highest price point is Defender 25000, which costs $25,000/year and includes 40 personalized websites, three unique direct websites, and 113 professional content items.

Custom VIP solutions cost significantly more than the Defender 25000 package, ReputationDefender notes, but such services are available upon request.

Digital Privacy Plans

ReputationDefender provides multiple tiers of ExecutivePrivacy digital privacy protection ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per year.

ReputationDefender pricing for the standard plan is $1,000 per year and removes 70+ sources, protects two name variations, three addresses, ten phone numbers, and ten email addresses. You also receive four site compliance scans and personal privacy reports per year.

The highest plan, premium, costs $10,000 and removes 70+ sources, protects eight name variations, 12 addresses, 20 phone numbers, and 20 email addresses. It includes 12 site compliance scans and reports per year, plus custom removal requests, social media monitoring, custom web monitoring, and more.

Online Reviews Plans

Two ReputationDefender plans—Local Essentials and Local Premium—cover online reviews and cost $2,000 and $3,500, respectively. Both include platform access and online reviews services, while the Premium plan includes business listings, social media, and customer surveys.


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